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“My name is Peggy. I had a baby nine months ago and was feeling very excited as a new parent. In the first and second month, I think I did a pretty good job, and there were many friends coming to my side to help me. However, during the fourth month my baby began to grow red spots and cry at night for unknown reasons, throwing off my tempo. I had no clue how to solve my baby’s problem.
Fortunately, one day I encountered Peter, my colleague at the time. He asked me “How was your baby doing?” I told him everything about my baby’s recent situation, and he shared several solutions to a nonstop crying baby. I took Peter’s advice to remove my baby’s heavy, uncomfortable clothes, which were making his body extremely hot. Thankfully, he became more comfortable and far easier to take care of. After few days, the red spots on his body had gradually decreased. What a joyful thing to celebrate! I want to thank Peter for his care and sharing. Most importantly, the help he provided, which worked. 

It was great to meet you and thanks again for your help.

— Peggy


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“Our family is very grateful for our sessions with Peter. At first we did not know if this would be beneficial to us. We knew that we wanted to improve the way we related to our 3 year old daughter, and try to find more methods for dealing with her strong willed independent personality and lack of cooperation, however we doubted their was much that we could get from advice or coaching like this. However, during our session with Peter his insights in to many parenting concepts and developmental stages were transformational in the way we approach our relationship with our daughter. He was non judgmental and humorous while he helped us to break down and better understand better the developmental stages our daughter is going through and how our reactions to her can shape her habits and our foster different type of relationships. We also really appreciated how well he responded to both my wife and I different perspectives on parenting and helped us to come closer to a unified method to improve our team work in approach to how we interact with our daughter. There is no simple manual to parenting but getting help and insight from a third party that has the experience is important. We highly recommend Peter.

— Justin and Weiping


Coach peter knows his stuff! He is very insightful and was able to help me understand why I was having hard time getting my daughter to follow certain rules in the house. I tried his technique and it started working after a few tries. I recommend a one-on-one with Coach Peter!

— Ako